U-Mind Space

Innovative U-Mind Global Society based on Artificial Intelligence

About us

THE UNIVERSE – Community of Galaxies

U-Mind Space is a Society of many Like-Minded Communities, like the Universe is a Community of Galaxies
With U-Mind, you will be surrounded by the Like-Minded people of your own

Global Society of the members of all the Like-Minded Communities who collectively market, use & share the best product on earth.

In the U-Mind.Space;

  • Based on the proprietary U-Mind Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine,
  • U-Mind Mobile app allows YOU to create Like-Minded Communities, as many as you want, and let you enjoy with them, AND,
  • U-Mind Club provides the innovative shopping mall in which you can do the business and consumption at once.
  • Using BitCoin as the only currency removes all the hassle & problems in the international Transactions for Global Expansion.
  • U-Mind Space will be a platform, beyond the existing Social Media, such as, FaceBook,
  • and will provide more simple, safe and scalable environment.
  • U-Mind AI algorithm will be continuously evolved.
  • Also, U-Mind Virtual Reality & U-Mind Augmented Reality will be inplemented upon the proper needs from market.

Features of U-Mind Space

Up-to-date Online Shopping Mall

BitCoin Transaction (Income/Outpay) System

Network Marketing Support System

U-Mind Mobile App for Like-Minded Community


* Some features from above & New features will be available upon User Volume & Experience.

U-MIND Artificial Intelligence Engine?

  • U-Mind AI Engine recommends the prospecting Like-Minded people through Collection of the information on line and Analysis on the data with its own algorithm, and provides cues and idea to enhance the relation with them.
  • Proprietary AI algorithm makes the analysis accurate, fast and effective to classify members for a member with the levels of the Likeness (Preference) through their social media, such as, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • The system keeps track on the changes and updates in the social media and through periodical questionnaires on the current social/economical issues and maintain the engine fresh up-to-date.
  • Major aspects of Psychology and Statistics are already in place and the upgrades for Image Recognition & Natural Language Processing have been in progress, as well as the digitalization of the Oriental Academic Heritage, including Physiognomy and I Ching.
  • With the developments of new features and the machine learning process, the system will evolve to become a ideal tool/platform for perfect target prospecting, both for consumer and for supplier.

U-Mind AI is a proprietary technology asset which makes our U-Mind Mobile & U-Mind Club UNIQUE and SPECIAL

U-MIND Mobile App?

※ Different color means the level of the Like-Mindedness (Green:Hot, Yellow:Somewhat, Red:Barely)

With U-Mind Mobile app,

  • Personal network can be expanded the most effectively, fast and wide
  • Your dreams will be realized, nice and easy
  • U-Mind will be the ultimate solution for Target Marketing/Prospecting

Want to be a Rich? Make a strong Network in U-Mind.
Together you are stronger than ever.

Features of U-MIND AI

  • Profile Matching (3 colors)
  • List or GPS View of the matched list
  • Cue generation
  • Chats (1:1)
  • Customized Group Chats OR Communities (1:1)
  • Store Contacts/Favorites
  • View Profile Details
  • Self Profile
  • Push Notifications
  • Ability to modify the answered profile questions through settings (including connecting to more social sites)
  • Ability to provide deep personality insights per user by tapping into their unconscious minds by image recognition
    : Positive Attributes   /   Negative Attributes   /   Colors Affinity   /   Compatibility match   /   Employment affinity   /   Employment non-affinity   /   Learning Style   /   Products Buying affinity- things someone may buy   /   Products Buying non-affinity- things someone may NOT buy   /   Buying Style   /   Multiple Human Intelligence