THE UNIVERSE – Community of Galaxies

U-Mind Space is a Society of many Like-Minded Communities, like the Universe is a Community of Galaxies.

Project Universal Mind

Universal Mind is a project, to take advantages of the recent prosperous advancements in the Information Communication Technology (ICT), to create a global society of the like-minded communities.

As we saw in the events of Human vs Machine competition, such as, AlphaGo vs Sedol Lee, Artificial Intelligence is already in our daily life as well as the Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, as we are seeing the PocketMon Go Syndrome.

In the U-Mind Space platform, we are pursuing to set up an innovative virtual life space to consume and share, produce and sell, communicate and create with all the Humankind on the globe.

We believe it should be the game changer to open new era of Human Networking which we want to join and work together.

Come and Join us first to become a winner & witness of New Genesis!

In the U-Mind.Space;

  • Based on the proprietary U-Mind Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine,
  • U-Mind Mobile app allows YOU to create Like-Minded Communities, as many as you want, and let you enjoy with them, AND,
  • U-Mind Club provides the innovative shopping mall in which you can do the business and consumption at once.
  • Using BitCoin as the only currency removes all the hassle & problems in the international Transactions for Global Expansion.
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Features of U-Mind Space

U-Mind Club

  • Innovative On-line Shopping Mall
  • Support Network Marketing
  • PV Products
  • Member bring-in Items, such as Pre-owned or Self Produced items – mall in mall

U-Mind Mobile App

  • A Networking Tool
  • Have Business & Fun at once with U-Mind
  • U-Mind leads all the Like-Minded people on Earth to you for your preference.

U-Mind Artificial Intelligence Engine

  • Proprietary Tech Asset
  • Self Collection and Analysis of Profile information, such as, Character, Hobbies, Career & preferences
  • Proprietary Algorithm allows to understand and categorize members for a Like-Minded Community


  • Hassle-free Global Monetary Transaction
  • All the monetary transactions in U-Mind will be through the BitCoin.

Our Services

Up-to-date Online Shopping Mall

BitCoin Transaction (Income/Outpay) System

Network Marketing Support System

U-Mind Mobile App for Like-Minded Community

U-Mind AI Engine

Prof. Gerald Zaltman, Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at Harvard Business School, said “95% of decisions are made by the subconscious mind”.
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We are using the technology that is enabled by a team of passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated to understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes. This is accomplished by using the science of psychological, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data and machine learning to tap into the subconscious mind of humans, capturing the true digital personality fingerprint of every user.