U-Mind Space

Innovative U-Mind Global Society based on Artificial Intelligence

Shopping Mall

New Trend Shopping Platform : U-Mind Club Shopping Mall

※ U-Mind Club is a global membership shopping mall. The members are a consumer as well as a supplier.
※ U-Mind Club provides complete solutions to participating manufacturers, distributors and traders.

Fusion of U-Mind & Shopping Mall

  • U-Mind AI
    With the Like-Minded Communities, you can share the hobbies and make joint purchase with them.
  • AI + Social Media + Open Market (GeniSys and above)
    You may open your shop in the mall and sell to all members.
  • AI + Social Media + Open Market + MLM
    The profits from U-Mind Club (U-Mind Shopping Mall) will be shared with the members.
  • Global trade is open to you with all the Global members.